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Los Angeles The Song and its cultural interpretations have won numerous awards from a multitude of high ranking officials including Mayor Eric Garcetti and Senator Dianne Feinstein. In May of 2017, the Los Angeles City Council adopted a resolution honoring Los Angeles The Song and its role in Los Angeles History.

LA Council President Herb Wesson, Jr.

Certificate of Recognition of Service to The City of Los Angeles

LA Councilmen Tom La Bonge

Proclamation and Angel Award from the City of Los Angeles

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti

Artisan Appreciation Award

LA Councilmen Jose Huizar

Proclamation of Service to The Latin Community of Los Angeles

LA Council Member Gil Cedillo

Award of Commitment and Inspiration to The City of Los Angeles

United States Senator Dianne Feinstein

Statement of Accomplishment

11.5 Million

Viewers Worldwide

Artistic Mission

To use music as a vehicle for artistic creativity and positive social change by engaging residents of Los Angeles and its guests in unique activities devoted to promoting music and performing arts appreciation, community awareness and development, and family involvement.

Giving Without Measure

  • Through music cultivate in Los Angeles residents the fundamental life skills of self-esteem, creative self- expression, cooperative learning, and creativity that will inspire and motivate them to become well-rounded individuals and better citizens of the city and the country.
  • Creatively support various artistic activities and venues that provide a full range of personal and family enrichment experiences through contemporary rock and pop music.
  • Encourage the residents and guests of Los Angeles to become actively involved the artistic life of the city and their immediate local communities, thereby contributing to overall quality of life and chances of lifelong success.
  • Help shape Los Angeles’ future generation into well-rounded, productive, creative and proud citizens through appreciation of local pop and rock musicians.
  • Build a healthier Los Angeles and actively contribute to addressing the pervasive social challenges affecting its underserved populations by providing them with a positive outlet of creative immersion that will keep them engaged.
  • Foster cultural awareness by performing Los Angeles The Song at various local and regional values and ethnic festivals.
  • Los Angeles The Song is a performing arts project that aims to investigate directly human commonality of Angelinos as a complex socioeconomic, cultural and personal phenomenon by creating as vast as possible repository of music expression about unique social issues and human experiences in the city of Los Angeles.
  • Los Angeles The Song intends to understand and to demonstrate how different strata of people experience life in Los Angeles, how their unique daily experiences are constantly shaped or misshaped by membership in groups defined by race, gender, socioeconomic status, culture, ethnicity, and ability.
  • Los Angeles The Song will express the present historical moment as is and the social context that shapes Angelinos’ experiences with the ultimate goal of eliciting empathy for people whose experiences differ from their own. Los Angeles The Song tells the truth about life in this beautiful city and encourages people to appreciate the beauty of music.

In the last 15 years the arts, especially visual arts and music, have been heralded as a panacea for all kinds of social problems from improving academic performance of high school students to revitalization of blighted neighborhoods in the inner cities and promotion of economic prosperity. Participation and engagement in the art improves physical and psychological well- being. Many also claim that the arts provide a catalyst for the creation of intangible social capital and the attainment of important community goals. In the 2008 the arts also played a critical role in the national election. When Shepard Fairey designed the "Hope" poster with Barack Obama's face, many people looked at Obama for the first time, or in a new light as a viable candidate for the highest political office in this country. Thus, the arts play a huge and important role on our country's politics, progression, and consciousness. With Los Angeles The Song the artist wishes to draw attention to the lives we live and encourage mindfulness about what unites people, what makes them happy, and by doing so directly contribute to fostering truthful public discourse about those issues and that should eventually lead to a positive social change. In other words, through this musical project the artist wishes to start and maintain an honest conversation about the role of creativity in this nation and how to use its positive forces in a meaningful way. The artistic expression of Los Angeles The Song is intentional, it is expressing this artist’s interest in the creation of both “artistic capital” – i.e. contribution to social innovation and activism, and “artistic effects” – intentional focus on contributing to social and civic change. The project’s intent to affect social change is directly connected to the artist’s personal experiences. Project Goals

  • First, the project will use music to express an overwhelmingly positive message about both difficulties and success stories that may arise for people whose identities include words like “homeless”, “poor”, and “prosperous”, “fortunate” as an individual’s sense of identity is constructed out of many different elements, some of which are individual, while others are mostly influenced by society and its prevailing socioeconomic conditions. In other words, through music expression the project will unite all Angelinos regardless of their socioeconomic status.
  • Second, by musically exploring the life of Los Angeles as a shared city and a common identity, the project will affirm our commonalities and differences with implicit hope of inspiring people to rethink their views on how various difficulties affect all of us, and to encourage people conscientiously working together to bring about positive changes.
  • Third, by creating a wide music canvass of Los Angeles experience, the project will support social border crossing and encourage more active social interaction by presenting new ways of knowing each other as members of society. It will use music as an ambassador of positivity.
  • Finally, as an artistic enterprise, the project will show that beauty and the sparkle of creativity are eternally and inseparably present in all people, no matter how difficult their current circumstances are, and that the former can serve as precious redeeming qualities in the greater drive for social reconciliation based on common values.

The Creation of Los Angeles Voice of the World

Los Angeles Voice of The World was recorded through the combined efforts of many truly amazing people that hail from all over the world, and now reside in Los Angeles. They represent the 25 Sister Cities and 3 Friendship Cities of Los Angeles.

In Los Angeles Voice of The World, we have 28 countries represented, 40 singers and over 50 musical instruments, spanning 6 continents. Since the inception of the Sister Cities and Friendship Cities, they have played a key role in renewing and strengthening important global relationships. In the new millennium, the Sister Cities and Friendship Cities continue to give new opportunities for cultural and educational exchanges, economic partnerships, as well as Humanitarian assistance.

In the recording and filming of Los Angeles Voice of The World, we’ve made so many new friends, and there are so many people to thank! Viewers have delighted in the song’s positive messages, expressing an outpouring of gratitude for this uplifting anthem. Los Angeles Voice of The World has fostered an heightened appreciation for the richness of the cultural diversity of Los Angeles.

Who We Are

Los Angeles The Song is an anthem for a city alive with spirit. Our mission is to remind the world that love, faith, and joy are essential. We accomplish our vision through the power of music, the universal language. We have a commitment to change the world by capturing the feeling of Los Angeles and all of its cultural diversities. What we stand for and are achieving through song, is building bridges across different cultures, ages, abilities, races, and religions. These upbeat odes are written for Los Angeles to share our strengths and loyalty between all Angelenos, and all who have made Los Angeles their home. Our words have already reached the hearts and ears of government officials, international artists of all genres, and Millions of people around the world. We ask you to be part of something born of Pride, Power and Passion.

Justin Chart

  • A native of Los Angeles, Justin is in love with his native city... and has proven it with, to date, Six versions of Los Angeles the Song. It's an upbeat love song to his city... one that resonates with many who view his videos on all platforms of social media... with well over 11 Million viewers on You Tube Justin Chart has written the Anthem for Los Angeles.

  • Chart is a musician with something to say, and his intelligent, deeply-felt lyrics and soaring beautiful melodies combine to create tunes that touch the listener in a powerful way. His well-crafted rock and pop songs relate positive messages of hope and strength amidst times of turmoil and hardship, stressing the importance of love and spirit and remaining true to oneself above everything else.

  • Justin's music has a freshness and originality to it that plants it firmly in the present, and yet reminds the listener of the depth of feeling and social relevance of influential music from earlier decades.

  • It is not easy to create music that effectively unites the powerful charge of unbridled energy with the tender emotions of the heart and soul, but Justin Chart is a unique artist with a rare talent for making magical music.

Tony Wilkins

  • Justin and Tony will be producing "Los Angeles The Vision" A completely Unique project bringing together some of the most powerful voices in Los Angeles, singing together as one on Los Angeles The Vision.

  • Tony currently serves as the Director of Music for the Mount Zion Baptist Church in Los Angeles, under the pastoral leadership of the Pastor Edward Hill II. In addition, Tony is the worship leader for Full Gospel Baptist Church in Compton, CA, under the pastoral leadership of the Pastor Reginald C. Payne, and for the anointed Dr. Michelle Corral of Breath of the Spirit Ministries International, Inc. For over 10 years, Tony served as the Director of Music at Full Harvest International Church, under the pastoral leadership of Bishop Clarence E. McClendon.

  • Projects

    Our projects have over 11.5 million viewers worldwide. The current projects we are working on are:


    This Epic version will feature the top Gospel Choirs of Los Angeles. With over 300 singers, the city will radiate with power!


    We take you into the future of Los Angeles with this energy driven EDM version that features a look at Los Angeles as we set our sights on a positive goal of eliciting empathy for people whose experiences about life in this beautiful city and encourages people to appreciate the beauty of music.

    Click on the icons to hear each version of Los Angeles The Song

    Los Angeles Word

    Los Angeles shown from 1850 to the present.

    Los Angeles Latin

    The Spanish Dance version of Los Angeles the Song.

    Los Angeles The Song

    A song written to express the spirit and soul of the City of Los Angeles.

    Los Angeles Dance Angeles

    An upbeat dance song which captures the power and life of the City of Los Angeles.

    Los Angeles Voice of the World

    A song demonstrating the diversity and equality the City of Los Angeles holds.

    Los Angeles La Cancion

    A Spanish interpretation of Los Angeles The Song.

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